25 (and more) REASONS

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1. "SURVIVAL" - The future of the career insurance and financial advisor is directly related to insurance companies, the buying public, and the government...specifically how they affect the future and progress of our industry. To reach and influence these three publics, the agent, advisor and the agency system need a strong advocate. Your Association fits the bill perfectly - with its country-wide organization, proven record of positive accomplishment, institutional approach, and continuity of purpose.

2. STRENGTH OF NUMBERS - One man or woman can still light a candle in the dark. But many like-minded persons working together in harmony and cooperation can really illuminate...solve problems...and assure opportunity and progress.

3. ETHICAL STANDARDS - Our Code of Ethics helps members measure their personal performance against accepted and meaningful benchmarks of service and gives us positive identification with the public.

4. PRESTIGE AND RECOGNITION - Active participation in association affairs gives you the opportunity to "grow" as an individual, as a leader, as a professional - and to be recognized for personal and group accomplishments.

5. SELF-IMPROVEMENT - Meetings, seminars, workshops, conventions, and informal exchange of helpful information sharpen your sales and service skills, keep you ahead of the curve, and provide 'dollar-making' ideas.

6. PROFESSIONAL CONCEPT ? The Association has raised our members? "job" to the status of a profession. Our federation has instilled in the typical member a pride of achievement and a commitment to principle.

7. ADVISOR TODAY - provide inspiration, motivation, sales ideas and know-how.

8. INSTITUTIONAL QUALITY AND RECOGNITION AWARDS - (NQA, NSAA and HIQA) are yours for the qualifying after meeting the Association membership requirement. MDRT, WLRT, GMAC and AALU also require Association membership.

9. PLANNED CONTINUING PUBLIC RELATIONS PROGRAMS - identify your publics, determine their attitudes and initiate effective communications so that you're better understood and appreciated.

10. CORRECTIVE AND PROTECTIVE STATE LEGISLATION - is sparked by the Association. We're for effective control of "specials" and "gimmick" policies, mail-order insurers, strong agents qualification and licensing laws, state regulation and supervision.

11. ON THE FEDERAL LEGISLATIVE FRONT - NAIFA is well-known and well respected as it promotes our H.R. 5, transfer-for-value, and other bills; fights to prevent general reopening of N.S.L.I., a Federal Charter for TIAA-CREF, further bank encroachment into life insurance, etc.; and protects interests of those who own and sell life insurance. NAIFA helped eliminate the premium-payment test and worked for more favorable and equitable tax treatment of annuities, health benefits under employer-financed plans, business insurance, and agents' pension and death benefits and decreased agents' renewal commissions. NAIFA was a prime mover in passage of H.R. 10.

12. RESEARCH AND SURVEYS - concerning trends in our business and attitudes of agents and advisors are carried on by the Association.

13. CONSUMER EDUCATION CLASSES AND EDUCATIONAL TV PROGRAMS - for young people and adults initiated by our Association help Americans learn how to spend, invest and save their money more wisely.

14. COUNTRY-WIDE PUBLIC SERVICE PROGRAM - enlists, encourages and assists you to leadership and participation on local community service projects.

15. FIELD COMPENSATION - is important to our members. Within the limitations of its organization function NAIFA gets the facts on this key subject and makes them known to members and the industry.

16. SOCIAL SECURITY - NAIFA helped our members achieve greater security by leading the fight to get them covered by the OASI program. NAIFA does much to publicize Social Security and Medicare benefits. At the same time, NAIFA continues to detail the strong case against continuing, costly expansion of Social Security that threatens its fiscal solvency, as well as individual thrift.

17. NON-AGENT SALES - are opposed.

18. INCOME TAXES - for agents were cut by NAIFA-inspired tax changes which give 'outside' salesmen favorable treatment on business expense deductions. NAIFA has sponsored legislation to five give similar treatment to 'combination' agents.

19. PROFESSIONAL LIABILITY INSURANCE - individually underwritten and tailor-made to protect our members, was designed and is sponsored by NAIFA. Companion coverage is Association Liability Policy which protects Associations and their officers.

20. SCHOOL RELATIONS PROGRAMS - bring to students and teachers up-to-date printed materials and audio-visuals and authoritative speakers on life and health insurance.

21. ENDURING FRIENDSHIPS - are formed through Association membership.

22. "DOLLARS AND SENSE" - is NAIFA's popular color sound movie on the life insurance as key element in financial planning.

23. MUTUALLY-BENEFICIAL RELATIONS - between government and business are supported by our Association- but we resist unwarranted government intrusion into the private sector. We're known to both major political parties, members of Congress, officials of Federal executive departments and agencies, and state insurance departments and legislatures through personal contact, testimony, position papers, and Association-sponsored receptions and meetings.

24. PERSONAL IDENTIFICATION - Seals, decals, Code of Ethics, tie tacks, auto emblems, membership stickers, emblem cuts for stationery and business cards.

25. POLITICAL EDUCATION AND ACTION - among our members and others, both at the state and federal level, is spurred by the independent Insurance and Financial Advisors Political Action Committee (IFAPAC) created by NAIFA