Subject: NAIFA Membership and information

Hi <Name of Prospect>,


It was my pleasure to talk with you this afternoon and I trust that you made it back home safely.


<Name of Prospect>, I’ll direct your to several different links and you can decide what information is valuable to you.


1.         NAIFA-ND – NAIFA website  [our your local website here] 

2.         New member signup for NAIFA                Click 

            (feel free to call me if you’d prefer to have me meet with you before signing up online)

3.         Reasons to Join

4.         A Chilling Read         

5.         Protecting Your Business   Excellent summary on NAIFA

6.         Fly Like an Eagle  Interesting summary of NAIFA in general

7.         Fly Like an Eagle – brochure

8.         Why You Should Be a Member of NAIFA 



<Name of Prospect>, this should give you plenty to digest.  It doesn’t take long after you start to read some of the information that we definitely need an advocacy group in Washington looking out not only for our clients, but ourselves so that we can still be in business.  If Congress was to take away some of the tax advantages of the products we sell, it could be devastating to our clients as well as ourselves and families.


Last, we are having a state convention here in Minot this year, April 30th thru May 2nd.  This is a great time for relaxation, regenerating and new ideas.  Here is our current lineup of speakers, you’ll notice that that last few speakers I don’t yet have their bios and pictures but should have it completed by first of next week. We hope that you’ll be able to join us at the state convention.


Finally, while this is not meant to push you into something before your ready, however, if you did decide to join this week, our board meets once a month and we’ll be meeting this Friday.  We would love to get you approved and if you have completed an application and payments, whether via monthly credit card, monthly bank draft, or lump sum, we could have you approved by Friday of this week.


Any questions, please feel free to call me at XXX-XXXX.


Have a great day, <Name of Prospect>,