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Photo Gallery


L-R: Gene Schmidt, Pat Saltsman, Jonathan Spilde, Terry Weis and Jim Simons

NAIFA members meeting at Congressman Berg's Bismarck office

Norbert Mayer and Congressman Berg

Lorrie Giese

Congressman Berg's Bismarck Office

Laura Wheeler & Jackie Velk

Senator Hoeven's Minot Office

L-R: Tom Nelson, Mary Christy, Michael Howe, Julie Hillman, Ellen Case.

Congressman Berg's office in Fargo

L-R: Monty Rauser, Justin Forde.

Senator Hoeven's office in Fargo

L-R: Phil Brockman, James Hand, Nicole Johanneson, Shelly Klein (not pictured)

Senator Conrad's office in Grand Forks

Tom Brusegaard

Senator Hoeven's office in Grand Forks

L-R (Back) Dave Shrivastav, Tony Eberhard, Elizabeth Frei, Jennifer Naaden, Kaitlyn McClure, Cassie Bladow, Kami Capener, Don Canton

Don Larson, Tessa

Senator Hoeven's DC Office

L-R: Elaine Fremling, David Middaugh, Senator Hoeven, Jim Simons, Jason Middaugh

Senator Hoeven's DC Office

L-R: Alee Lockman, Patrick Buell, Tory Thoet, Alicia Schmitz, Jonathan Casper

Congressman Berg's DC Office

L-R: Kate Spaziani, Caitlin Brosseau, Steve Bailey

Senator Conrad's DC Office

Judith Roberts

Congressman Berg's Deputy State Director

L-R Julie Fedorchak, Shane Goettle, Eileen Wehri, Jane Mohler

Senator Hoeven's Bismarck office

Steve Fetch, Kathleen Schneider, Marty Boeckel

Senator Conrad's Bismarck Office

Lindsey Christman

Congressman Berg's Bismarck Office

James Campany & Tory Thoet

Congressman Berg's DC office

Jason Middaugh, James Campany, Tory Thoet, Jim Simons, Jaford Burgad

Jason Middaugh, Sen. Kent Conrad, Dakota, Jim Simons, Jay Burgad

Jim Simons, Sen. Kent Conrad, Dakota, Jay Burgad

Jay Burgad, Jason Middaugh, Jim Simons

Sen. John Hoeven, Jim Simons